Therapie & Behandlung

Who are the courses designed for?

The beginners sweet & savoury course has been designed for anyone who wants to start from scratch, as you would at culinary school. Learning the foundations of cooking and baking in a fun and accessible environment.

What about us junior chefs/bakers?

Come on in! The beginners courses are available to those ages 13 and above. (Adult supervision is required).

What do the courses entail?

Each course contains a minimum of 12 video tutorials spread out over 4 weeks, however you can complete these lessons in your own time. Recipe guides which are downloadable and contain the written recipes, bonus recipes and information on substitutions. Theory sheets which include the background as to why the recipes work the way they do Audio lectures as bonus material. We've also thrown in some fun lectures about the recipes, our personal experiences with them and extra tips and tricks.

How long do I get access for?

Once you purchase a course you will have access to it for ONE WHOLE YEAR. The recipe guides and theory sheets are all downloadable too!

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